And Udaari ends with a bang!

And on Sunday, 25th Sep, the greatly appreciated and highly awaited drama serial Udaari by Hum TV finally ended. Leaving behind a very hopeful and strong message, it ended on a very positive note. This drama has throughout been a phenomenal success due to the very real and tabooed issue it focused on; child abuse. The producers and the directors did a truly commendable job taking a road less travelled, by highlighting the bold, daring and sensitive subject of child sexual abuse.


Because silence is not the solution

Rape and pedophilia is something quite common in our country especially in the villages and lower class families. But every time these issues are silenced and never highlighted. Nor do the victims try seeking justice, due to their so called ’honor’, thinking that it would ruin their reputation. This is the very mentality of our society that this drama has challenged. That in order to get justice, the victim has to take a stand for himself. It depends upon the victim whether he wants to continue being a victim for a crime he never committed. Or he would rather take a stand and become a survivor instead.

Rape and child abuse is a tabooed issue that people are generally too embarrassed to talk about. However our silence on such issues in no way lessens the instances of such cases. In fact it tortures the victim even more, seeing his rapist getting away with such a heinous crime and moving about freely. Silence is no way to deal with such issues because unless we talk about our problems and discuss them, we won’t be able to find solutions for them. Child abuse is not something to be kept hidden. Unless you talk about it with our children, you can’t save them from it.Udaari

And an equally great cast

Moreover, the drama had a star studded cast with big and beautiful names. The ever-versatile Bushra Ansari who plays every single role as if she is made for that, brilliantly played the role of Sheeda, a typical maraasi villager. Urwa Hocane played the lead role of the typical marassi villager. Her acting and accent was equally amazing. And then there was Ahsan Khan who simply blew our mind with an exceptional and immensely remarkable performance. Portraying the criminal role in such a remarkable way that we actually started hating him. From his expressions, to his speech to his body language, everything was equally commendable. And this is probably the first time Ahsan Khan has played a negative role but has done every bit of justice to the character. The other actors including Samiya Mumtaz, Rehan Sheikh, and the singer-turned actor Farhan Saeed, all have done a great job.


We need to more meaningful serials like these to raise awareness about the social issues that are prevalent in our society. The entire team behind Udaari has deeply touched our hearts. And have done a remarkable job in breaking a social taboo and taking a step towards bringing a positive change in the society.


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