Unemployment in Pakistan

Unemployment Is Corrupting Youth: Future Manpower

Today’s biggest problem of youth of Pakistan is unemployment. Unemployment is expanding with rapidity for different reasons.

The imperative reason behind the issue is the terrible arrangements of the legislature that has no arrangements to put the youngsters first, who have finished their education and are getting baffled for not finding any occupation.


As of late, the unemployment rate of Pakistan expanded to 5.5% thus one might say that one of each 10 individuals of nation are experiencing unemployment. We can discover such a large number of graduates, ace understudies, architects and individuals of each calling being worthless because of unreliable business arrangement of Pakistan.

Here is table that shows the unemployment rate in Pakistan:


Reasons of Unemployment:-

The actual reasons for unemployment in Pakistan are as per the following

  • Financial Causes
  • Social Issues

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Government Steps towards resolving Unemployment:-

Our PM took many steps against Unemployment

  • PM’s Interest Free Loans Scheme
  • PM’s Youth Business Loan Scheme
  • PM’s youth Skill Development Program
  • PM’s Scheme for provision of Laptop
  • PM’s Youth Training Scheme
  • PM’s Scheme for Reimbursement of Fee of Students From the less Developed Areas

The consequence of these hopeless circumstances is that individuals are committing suicides. They are getting trapped by the lure of burglary and criminal acts as an easy payback form to those elites who do not consider them in terms of manpower and let them suffer alone. The developing number of unemployed individuals has come to at the disturbing point and if government still stays impassive with the present circumstances then these individuals will disregard the distinction amongst good and bad.

Minister Ahsan Iqbal at Learn smart Pakistan
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