Valley of Kashmir-Red Not Green

Oh ye Freedom Fighters! Thou art “Enslaved”?

Have “Hopes” begun to now fade?

Awaiting freedom for years

Yet barred hearts art swollen with fears,

Barbaric Brutes began Bloodshed

Valley of Kashmir-Now Blood red

Have Vampires attacked my land?

Have Aliens set foot in my ground?

Where art my home, my shed?

Interrogates a tearful unknowing sigh!

Peace beheaded; lies now dead

Valley of Kashmir-Blood red

Oh Pure innocent heart!

I worry for thou Oh Flower!

How shall ye bloom?

In Valley of Kashmir-Red Not Green

I wonder, I really wonder,

Are now all voices gone mute?

Are now all warriors turn cowards?

Are now all visions proved selfish?

Are now all heart enchained?

Are now all passions dead?

Do not thou all see?

                        Valley of Kashmir-Red Not Green                       

A loving heart,

A helping hand,

A caring look,

Is all they dare seek

Is all they merely need.

Oh A blessed land,

Bleeds with misfortune!

Oh Valley of Blood-

Not Green But Red!

May Lord Bestow Thou with Mercy

May Humans be bestowed with hearts.

May Valley of Kashmir

Turn Green Not Red.

-Samina Fazal
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Samina Fazal

Samina Fazal

I am Mphil student as well as a lecturer. I love to create inspirational, motivational content and writing has always been my passion. Additionally, a blogger as well as poet.