Vivo teases a transparent smartphone

The advancement of technology is turning the world more luxurious, and this is the reason Vivo teases a transparent smartphone online. It means that in future people will be going to use a transparent phone. The phone is of Vivo Company and X-series titled as X7. The advertisement has gone viral all around the world. The marketing team of the company advertised it heavily because it is an excellent phone which will take over other smartphones in the market. People have shown a keen interest in the teaser but after launch, the reaction of the people will matter.Vivo Teases X7 with 16MP Selfie Shooter


The transparent phone is not just unique in its design but also in features. The Vivo Company has confirmed the specification of the phone by the help of teasers. The phone lovers are expecting the chipset of 652 Snapdragon with the RAM of 4GB and 64 GB storage. The front camera will be of 16 MP. Just like specifications, the phone does offer unique features. The phone contains a fingerprint scanner which enables the users to unlock their phone in speed as compared to iPhone 6Splus and the Samsung Galaxy.

Not just the fingerprint scanner but also the operating system is faster than its main two competitors available in the market.

App downloadinggsmarena_001

If you have not had enough, then an application test was also conducted. It allows you to do multitasking by loading more than one app at a time. The phones seem to be in real competition than the other phones. It means that Vivo phone is one of the fast phones which contains the highest chipset. The phone will not be available officially other than China or some Asian markets.

Internals of the VIVO phone

The internals of the Vivo phone seems to be unique and exclusive. No smartphone available in the market supports such hardware as Vivo did. The display of the phone will be 5.2 inch HD, and it supports the 3000mAh battery. The chipset which is named as X25 Mediatek`s Helio, which is on the new phones LeEco Le 2 and Meizu. The phone contains the memory of 4GB and external storage of 64GB. However, it also supports the RAM of 6GB with 128 external storage. The price is suggested that will be lower than the Samsung Galaxy or iPhone.

The truth

Vivo is a China-based company which is trying to have a big comeback by competing with other phones. No matter whatever the teasers are about, the quality and durability of the phones is the actual issue. People are ready to compromise with the money means they can afford to buy expensive phones, but they never negotiate on the quality of a smartphone. That is the main reason, Samsung, iPhone and LG phones are very popular, and the industry is growing day by day.

Vivo teases a transparent smartphone and many phone testing teasers have been released, but the reality will be exposed on June 30. Hope the phone fits our expectations.

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