Do not wake up ‘The Bear’ By: Harris Niazi


Do not wake up ‘The Bear’

With the new weapons technology being shifted to Ukraine by NATO, the process of continuously provoking the sleeping bear is now at the brink of waking him up. Since after the dispersion of the Soviet Union, Russia has been one of those countries which have avoided taking part in any international conflict. Along with stabilizing their economy and strengthening their defenses, the Russians have been quite busy in establishing good relations with other nations. In fact, after the Soviet Union came to an end, the Russians decided to take the path of peace and then the world came to know about a peaceful Russia.

But for some reasons this peacefulness of Russia is now a problem for Washington and NATO. Russia is now being alienated and degraded through a planned strategy and is being presented to the world as the ‘bad guy’. With full support of the corporate media, the Obama administration has succeeded in befooling the world into imposing economic sanctions on Russia. But the US should know that there is a limit for everything and if that limit is crossed the world will not like the outcome of it.


The war on many fronts…

There is a general concept that the cold war ended with the breakage of Soviet Union and the Russians leaving Afghanistan but the fact is that cold war never ended. It just became a one sided war with the US still craving for more. Today Russia has been at continuous war at many fronts with the USA and NATO. This war has not been conventional one yet but it is has been a psychological, economic & emotional war.

The war on the Economic front in the sense that the sanctions that were imposed on Russia were based on false-facts. Washington lured the world into believing that Russia was interfering in Ukraine by supporting the rebel groups and also that it was somehow responsible in the downing of Malaysian MH-17. These false-facts (false in the sense that they were not supported by any evidence) led to the imposition of economic sanctions on Russia. Russia is involved in trade of many goods with the European countries including food products and industrial items. This trade is worth billions and supports Russian economy.  Adding insult to injury, oil prices have been on the lowest in 5 years, hurting Russia’s Gazprom (Russia’s leading oil and gas producing company).

On Psychological front, Russia has to deal with constant threat of NATO reaching for its bordering neighbors. Despite the fact that the former US president Ronald Reagan promised the last Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev that upon disbandment of Soviet Union, NATO will not enlarge itself into Eastern Europe or into Russia’s bordering countries. But as soon as the Soviet Union came to an end, not only NATO started its expansion but also started including Russia’s neighboring countries of Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania into NATO, posing an all-time imminent threat to Russia. The deployment of Military weapons & Missiles to Ukraine and Poland might lead to a severe confrontation between Russia and NATO.

While on Emotional front, Russia has been bearing the grief of watching its own people suffer living in the south-east of Ukraine. Ukraine has been a part of Russia in the past and the south-eastern people are mostly Russians. So when people of Crimea (south-eastern Ukraine) voted to join Russia, NATO and US thought it to be a plan for a Russian expansion and installed their puppet regime in Kiev (capital of Ukraine) through a military coup.* Since February, south-eastern Ukrainians have been labelled as terrorists & rebels and are being brutally murdered by Ukrainian military. Russians due to their same ethnic backgrounds share a bond with south-eastern people of Ukraine. Russia has to bear the load of a large number of displaced people due to cleansing operation going on in the south-eastern parts of Ukraine.


So Why Russia?

Due to the fact that Russia has been avoiding any international conflict while in the same time making its economy strong, somehow makes it a threat to the US domination. There are many reasons for it: Russia has been the main supplier of energy resources (mainly natural gas) to Ukraine and other European countries that makes them dependent on it. And also it means the expansion of gas pipeline further into Europe and through Central Asian states to Afghanistan and then into South-Asia. This means a strong economy for Russia.

Secondly, the active role of Russia in the formation of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), a joint venture to to enhance cooperation and to support under-developing countries. This means a happy goodbye to World Bank and IMF. The US will never want that to happen.

The third and the most important reason to undermine Russia is the Russian plan to drop Dollar trade and start a joint currency with China and do the future trade within the domain of that new currency. This clearly poses a threat to US global economic dominance.

Another important reason is that at present, the number of sovereign countries (sovereignty with respect to the political independency in decision making without the US impact) is very low. Russia is one of the small group of countries which do not comply with US policies. This factor also puts it on the list of countries disliked by the US and NATO.

These are the some of the reasons that Russia is continuously being threated and provoked into war to destabilize it economically and strategically.

 The outcome can be a disastrous one….

While suffering through all types of unconventional (economic, emotional & psychological) wars, Russia has still avoided the path to conventional war. After a long time of living in peace Russia is now being pushed to war just for the sake of fulfilling the dream of the US global dominance and undermining and destabilizing Russia. Because if Russia falls, there are not many countries left to challenge the insanity of the US. But it should be kept in mind that once this sleeping bear is awaken there will only be destruction and who knows instead of US global dominance it may end with the formation of another Soviet Union or another World War. If peace is to be maintained then this bear should be allowed to hibernate in peace otherwise as in the words of Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov:

“Every century or so some nation forgets its history lessons and attacks Russia. The result is always the same: lots of corpse-studded snowdrifts, and then Russian cavalry galloping into Paris, or Russian tanks rolling into Berlin. Who knows how it will end this time around? Only time will tell.”

* There is a clear evidence that in February, just 2 weeks before the military coup in Ukraine, Victoria Nuland (Assistant Secretary of State) called on US ambassador in Ukraine G.R.Pyatt and told him to put Yatseniuk in the office after the coup, installing their own puppet regime in Kiev.


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    informative-interesting-well planned, 10/10.
    I would love to read your article On effects of this cold war on Pakistan and how Pakistan is being dragged into this mess

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