Water scarcity in Pakistan: Reasons, Impacts and Solution

Water is amongst one of the four key catalyst element necessary for human existence as well as animals and nature. According to census held in 2017 population of Pakistan is 22 crore which is increasing by 3.2% of population keep on mounting with the same percentage we will have to feed the double of current population by 2025. Not only that we will also fell short of water by 2025.

Rainfalls and underground waters are sources of water in Pakistan. Everyone is using water incessantly without knowing that there will be no water available by 2025 if we do not find ways to store the water. Pakistan is going to be on top of list of water stressed country by 2040. Study of Pakistan Counsel of Research on the water resources of Pakistan (PCRWR) revealed that rapid depletion of ground water ground water may soon worsen the water crisis in Pakistan’s major cities, causing a drought-like situation. Immediate actions like “War on Terror” are needed to save the future generation of Pakistan. It is said that if third world war ever took place it will be on issue of water. Since India is violating terms of Indus treaty which was held between Pakistan and India where India was obligated to design and operate its plants and dams in a way that will cause no harm to Pakistan. But India is violating rules since then. Indian PM Modi has inaugurated KHEP on May19 2018 in India-held Kashmir. After that treat India has construct about 2000 large and small dams whereas Pakistan has constructed no dams after 1968. Failure in constricting dams has caused hundreds and thousands of lives of humans and cattles. Hence this scarcity of dams and waste of millions of barrel water has costed humans their homes in drought and famine.











Having said this, mentioned below are some precautionary measures which should be taken by government as well as citizens to overcome this future draught situation.

  • Preparing futuristic water based policy
  • Construction of water reservoirs
  • Reduction in water loss through leakage,seepage and percolation by lining the canal’s properly, making distributaries and proper water channels.
  • Adoption and use of water efficient methods during irrigation.
  • Launch awareness campaign for citizens through pamphlets, electronic and social media.

Save water, save life, save Pakistan”. Save future of your generations otherwise we would be no different than what Sahara is today. A little effort, a little endeavor will save not only lives but our economy, environment and demographics. It will also help in improving our irrigation system. Pakistan is the 8th largest cotton and textile exporter in Asia. If we improve our irrigation system it will not only give boost to our economy but will also improvise the standard of living of a common man.

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