WCE: Afterglow by Fatima Hamid

As Dr. Suess very rightly said, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

Every person that has ever crossed paths with you, has done so for a reason. A reason you may not yet know, or may know very well, but it is a profound reason that was decided with the immense wisdom of God and His better judgement. People come in our lives either to stay for a while, stay forever or stay for a while not long enough. They either leave us heartbroken, or become lifelong companions who can never be replaced. Not every person who comes in your life brings joy and happiness along with them. Some may only drift into your life to hurt you, to shatter your castle of glass, and leave you to pick up the pieces. Though that is exactly when you must realize a castle of glass was never meant to last anyway, so you pick up the first brick to build yourself a fortress.

Good people are like sunlight on a crisp winters day. They warm you inside, they make the world seem like a happier, safer and better place; they bring out the best in you. But anything this perfect is not meant to last; like it is with sunlight, darker days must come. Darker people come, they compel you to question your morality. They provoke you to fight for your heart. However, they also bring out the best in you, but they do so after battling your heart and soul. Mind and body. When you learn to fight for yourself, when you learn to stand up and rely on no one else but yourself for true happiness, it is then when you have won. You finally know the reason, the reason you begged for as you prayed with an aching heart and tears streamed your face. You begged and besought God to help you, yet you found no one came to comfort. He waited and He smiled, because He knew. He could see how close you are, how immensely close you are to finding out for yourself. Figuring out the plan. His plan, for you. And when you did, He was so proud. Hold on to those who shine their light on you, and thank those who left only to make room for those more worthy.

There is also a third kind of people and few have the good fortune to have their paths intertwine. These people who shine brighter than the sun, the people who become your own personal star, these people, who become your person.

They become all that you need in life. They’re who you look up to, they’re who you turn to and they’re who you look for in a crowd of unfamiliar faces. And it is them who stay for the shortest time in ones life. They shine so bright, they love so much and they become so dear that letting them go is no short of heart-wrenching agony. These are who mystics write about. They are what the universe bestows on those upon whom fortune smiles. And hence, they leave an afterglow. Maybe you’ve found your person or you haven’t; maybe you already know how special they are, or will be. And if you had one, and they are no longer present, then my dear friend, don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. And bask in their afterglow. Honour their memory. And let me tell you a little secret, there is someone out there who basks in your warmth. You’re their person. You’re a crown jewel and you will leave an afterglow. And no one can ever replace you.

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yumna Iftikhar

yumna Iftikhar