WEC: Conquering the Fears by Ramsha Hussain

Conquering the Fears

As it is said that “Where there is a will, there is a way”.

This is a very common quotation, but the key to success is hidden under this. I mentioned this quote because these days Hopelessness and Despondency is a prevailing factor among our youth. Under current scenario, lack of resources and opportunities are unavoidable issues, which create uncertainty among youth regarding their future. In short, they remain in constant fear and despair which subdue their abilities.

It has been observed that mostly people lack will and determination. Similarly, our youngsters get disappointed under certain circumstances where they find no way to tackle the problems like Unemployment. But if man wants, (s) he can touch the stars and reach the moon by dint of hard work and self-confidence. Perhaps it’s only Will-Power which keeps the spirit high under difficult situations. It is ‘mind over matter’. Human will power can achieve wonders literally, it’s all about liberating ourselves from all kinds of inhibitions and apprehensions regarding anything. Whatever comes in life one should face the hurdles with patience and perseverance. As beautifully said by Napoleon Hill “Will power is the basis of Perseverance”.

Needless to say, one should have optimistic approach towards life. Only coward people find short-cuts to achieve their goals but brave souls believe in hard work and struggle. It is said by Thomas Addison:

“The only way to the top is by persistent, intelligent and hard work”.

History always echoes marvels made by man; only strong will- power and determination make impossible things possible. Therefore, we should always keep our spirits high so that hopelessness and disappointment cannot make their place in our lives. Especially our youth should be determined enough to pursue their goals with great fervor as they are future of our country. If we want to make our country more prosper and developed it is essential to contribute towards this through our frantic efforts and struggle.




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  1. Waleed Mughal
    September 14, 2015 at 3:14 pm — Reply

    keep it up shona …. my bxt wixhes r awlvyx wid yuh stay blessed ♡♡

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