WEC: “Humanity doesn’t have any borders” by Saida Malik

“Humanity doesn’t have any borders”

You might find some unique culture of the place where you live in, ever thought about how that culture isn’t in being outside your border? It’s kind of funny. The place where you live in might have some rules that must be strictly followed for example: If you live in Saudi Arabia then you must wear an abaya but outside the border, in some other country like America, wearing an abaya will make you extremely uncomfortable and you might even get bullied.
We want to fight for what we believe in. Often our dreams of mattering can’t be reached easily and we have to undergo a lot of stuff that no one has ever tried before and that keeps us holding back from reaching our desires. But always remember:
“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
― Lao Tzu
You can use your fears as your excuse. You can hide in a hole and cry all day. But you won’t get anything from that. If you want to achieve your goals, you have to hold your head high, look fear in the eye, and run towards it.  You won’t have the ability to control the world when you can’t even control your ownself.
Having a dream is a good sign. When you have a goal that you want to achieve, it acts like a lion in a long field, chasing you, and you keep running forward, because you believe if you do so you would survive.
When you are feeling down think of all the little things that you have done and you can still do that would help someone. Stop wanting to matter and actually start doing what you can do.
We humans are desperate for attention or maybe some of us just want to make our presence felt. We want to do the things that would make us not only a part of our world inside the borders but also outside it. We want to do something remarkable that would make us matter, that would make us useful. We want to make a difference that would make us known to the world. Not the difference of culture, religion or anything like that. But the difference that would have a  good impact on humanity. The difference that would be useful. Because in the end there goes just one point, Humanity doesn’t have any borders.
-Sadia Malik


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