What a pretty !

What a pretty !

This pretty woman is bound to turn heads, isn’t she! Well what if I told you it’s not even a girl, spooky, right? But yes that is true, it is not a girl, but a robot actually that looks very much like humans.

Amazing human resemblance

This masterpiece, a human-like robot was created on April 15, 2016. It was created by the Robot Research and Development Team of the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). Weighing  50 kg, and 160 cm tall, it not only has an amazingly beautiful girl like face and overall appearance. But it is also fully capable of interacting with people around it.

The robot has been named “Jia Jia” by its creators. It is reported to have had its face drawn from five attractive female students from the university. Having long hair with flowing locks and rosy red cheeks, its resemblance to humans is literally unimaginable. It can be clearly seen in the pictures. It is equipped with basic facial expressions, body and mouth movements as well as gestures.

Impressing everyone at the launching

“Hello everyone, I’m Jia Jia. Welcome!”. This was how the stunning robot welcomed the crowd gathered at the university’s multi-media center where it was launched. One of the media coverage members brought the camera too close to its face. To this, the robot responded with: “The photo taken from that angle with make my face look bigger”.

Whoa! Pretty interesting how conscious it is to get a good picture taken.

The development team took around three years to complete this robot, under the team director, Chen Xiaoping. During the unveiling of the robot, Xiaoping said hello to the robot. It responded with, “Yes, my lord, what can I do for you?” Xiaoping then asked it to “please wave your hand” and so it did, much to the astonishment of the crowd. Also, an interesting thing is that the robot refers to its male creators as “lords”.








Not only do Jia Jia’s features look almost natural, but even its eyeballs roll naturally and its lip movements are synchronized with its speech. It is programmed to be capable of recognizing human and offers services based on cloud technology. Its mouth moves when it speaks and its eyes glance around the room naturally. It looks around to scan the environment and it processes the events around it.

More features to be added

However Chen mentioned that the robot cannot laugh or cry and these areas are yet to be developed. “We hope to develop the robot so it has deep learning abilities. We will add facial expression recognition and make it interact more deeply with people,” Xiaoping explained.

The robot was displayed at the International Technology Fair 2016 in Shanghai, China that took place from April 21 to 23.

Xiaoping refers to it as ‘goddess robot’ and told that Jia Jia is “priceless”. He further mentioned that currently the team is not considering mass production.11416196_1261683870525721_8753381867472483298_n

This is one amazing and quite interesting invention of the Chinese. Moreover, with 420 existing factories, China has gained quite a name in the global robotics industry, as quoted by Qu Daokui, president of China Robot Industrial Alliance.




He further said that the robotics field, along with the internet, would transform global manufacturing. This would lead China to a golden decade for the development of industrial robots designed and produced domestically.


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