Telepathy is a term which is introduced with the two famous and necessary words. Frederic W. H. Myers introduced it in 1882. They are the Greek words means far away of tele, and patheia means to be affected by. The basic terms mean the connection between the minds of two people. Telepathy communication is the ability which one person owns to read other’s mind. Telepathic communication forms a channel mode with the five basic human senses. The art of telepathy is complicated but provides a more efficient means of communicating.

Telepathy is not God gifted but rather exists in everyone and can happen to anyone. According to the research, Observations shows that people develop telepathic tendencies. Not all individuals who own this power pay attention to the involved instincts, so it becomes non-existent to some extinct. You cannot compare telepathy with the magic because it may happen between two strangers as well. People who can develop a strong telepathic communication will also develop a strong intimate relationship. Though humans are automated to use words to communicate, we can also interact with the ideas and thoughts. We should no block our thoughts, ways of thinking, ideas and various channel of communication which help to develop a relationship.

Telepathic Communication


In the modern world today, telepathic communication is seen as a very powerful psychic skill of a person. No scientific justification can prove as telepathy being a genuine phenomenon. Lack of sentience, cynicism, and societal views are often contributing factors in people locking out this unique intuitive ability. People often confuse telepathy as being the capacity to control another persons’ mind. It is to be clearly understood is that telepathy is not magic or any charm that makes another person spellbound. It is rather simply the non-verbal mode of communication that does not necessitate any sensory channels.

Various Techniques in Telepathy

Following are the different techniques which will prove to be helpful in practicing .

  • IF you want to learn telepathy, then you must have a well-founded belief and have trust in its authority.
  • Mediation is important and very basic rule which allows an individual to relax with a present state of mind. It also lets you maintain a higher mental level.
  • Just Disengage yourself from all the physical and social backgrounds.
  • You have to be patient to practice it. Telepathy is not magic, and you cannot get perfect in it overnight. It also requires plentiful patience and firm resolve.
  • Focus on the receiver. It is important to share a close and well-developed bond with the particular person.

There is a sign to suggest that mothers and newborns experience a telepathic link. Some experiments indicate that their heartbeat synchronizes and even when separated if the mother suffers a shock and her heartbeat increases, then the baby’s heart rate will increase too.

Explore your Abilities


Telepathy is a vital form of communication which can be developed on a deep level. Exploring your Telepathic abilities is an incredible journey. Although it will be fun and exciting, developing a strong foundation will take time and patience. When you connect with other beings, you can relate to them at a higher level; a greater understanding is created.


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