What Travelling Does To You

Nothing can soothe you more than a trip away from the hustle and bustle of life, to a place close to nature or away from your home. Travelling is not just a source of escape but it has a deeper effect on the mind and soul of a person. The word may make you imagine yourself on a beach or maybe at a hill station relaxing with a glass of your favorite drink in your hand, but trust me, that’s not even point one percent that the experience of travelling brings to you.
Travelling is all about long bus rides, being lost in a new city you’ve never visited, meeting new people, challenging your abilities and fears and most of all, it helps you realize how much potential you have. The best things that travelling will do to you are:

It makes you more open towards new things:

Sometimes your routine becomes so tough that you restrict yourself to just the regular things that you do on daily basis. Travelling gives you an opportunity to try out things that you usually don’t get a chance to do. Go deep sea diving, cliff jumping, jet skiing, try new food that you couldn’t have imagined eating and treat yourself like there is no tomorrow.

It increases your creativity:

Being away from a tiring routine close to nature, meeting new people and seeing cultures different than yours will open your mind like never before. The sense of creativity boosts when your mind is relaxed and care free. So getting into whatever other local thing around the world you want may make you a more creative, interesting person over time.

It helps you to know who you really are:

It is said by Eric Weiner that “change your location and you just may change yourself”. People travel all the time to start fresh, to reevaluate themselves and to find a sense of purpose. It helps us to look at our life from a distance and helps us realize what has been missing and lacking all this time. It also helps us to redefine our goals and objectives in life as it brings metal peace

It makes you more patient:

When you are out travelling you come across a lot of different individuals who have a different view and perception about different ideas. Due to this reason you start to look at things with every different perception that is present out there and start to develop a better understanding of the world. Also you start to accept and be tolerant towards different opinions of people. Other than that, any sort of flight or travel mishap will also make you learn a lot.

It makes you happier and helps to perform well at work:

Taking a long vacation to a new place might just work for you if you are struggling at your work place. It will do the magic, being away for a while will give you physical and emotional peace the very thing you don’t get in a stressful working environment. Once you are back, everything will look better and clear. You shall be able to perform ten times better than before, this will make you happier and motivate you to work hard,

Countless Memories:

Last but not the least, are the uncountable memories and relations that you will cherish for life. All the times you feel low, you shall recall those days an all of it will put a smile on your face. It will give you hope and who knows you might plan a new trip soon!

By: Aimen Saleem

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