When you lose a mother

‘Your mother just passed away’
My heart just stopped,unable to breathe and unable to beleive that this is the reality.
That line just changed my whole life,turning it upside down.
As I shook out of the trance like state I ran towards the car and drove as fast as I could back home.
I didn’t want to believe it, I just could’nt. How can my best friend just walk out of my life like that?
Who is a mother you ask?
A mother is a hero disguised as an angel.
A saviour in time of need.
A mother bear ready to protect her child no matter what.
A place of comfort, where home cooked meals and warm hugs are given.
The only person who would listen to your random uninteresting stories.
The only one who is so intune with you,that she can feel your pain when you are sad and when you cry, she cries as well.

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The only one who completely knows you inside and out.
The one you can tease and get teased back in return.
The one you can share all your secrets and problems with, knowing you would get a solution in return.
The only person who would worry about you 24/7.
A mother is a complete package.
Without whom life is unbearable. Life becomes a little less entertaining. A little less filled with love. A little less joyful. A little less colourful and a little less like home.

A home without a mother is not a home at all but instead is a house,empty and hollow filled with material things. A mother can completely make a home, with her warm motherly love and all that she is. But all that is gone from my life now.
I shake myself from the reverie that I was absorbed in as I near home. And I pray please God,let this not be my reality.

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fahad farooq

fahad farooq