Why are we different from our ancestors?

One word: technology.

The technological advances of the last couple of centuries have allowed us to develop in ways our ancestors never did. The industrial revolution brought about a major change in this world. It completely changed the workings of this world for generations to come. If the industrial revolution hadn’t occurred, we would still be stuck in the Stone Age. Human beings may not have evolved from animals but we used to live like animals. Millions of years ago, humans didn’t have languages, education or technology. The way we are today we owe it to technology and education.

Technology doesn’t just include cell phones and computers. Technology includes machinery used in factories and agriculture, buildings, houses, cars and airplanes, roads and bridges, lights and air conditioning, robots, computers, and even the internet.

The internet may only be 27 years old but it has changed our lives forever. When our parents and grandparents tell us stories of how they spent their childhood, we are in shock. No cell phones? No computers?! No internet?! Outdoors?! All these things that we can’t live without; these are new to the world. This world is millions of years old yet the internet is only three decades old. Maybe in the next century, we’ll have flying cars and robot servants and time machines with the pace that this world is developing at.

There was a time when there was no electricity. For millions of years there was no electricity in this world. There was a time when there were no cars. No airplanes. No ships. People hunted to stay alive. They wore animal skins for clothes. They didn’t have television, a luxury kids nowadays can’t live without. Education is a part of everyone’s lives now. We are educated and aware. We are advanced and evolved.

We may be nothing like our ancestors but we owe them our success. We didn’t invent electricity. We didn’t make the first car. We didn’t make the first cell phone. We didn’t invent money. All we have is because of their hard work. The books we study were written by scholars from the past. Pythagoras Theorem, the light bulb, Newton’s laws, Economic theories, great works of literature.

The main difference between us and our ancestors from the past is that we don’t have to work hard for anything; sure we might have trouble with money or jobs but everything else is there for us. Our ancestors had to invent so much stuff and that only made our lives easier. If we think about it, we had everything handed to us. Books, vehicles, houses, technology. They didn’t have iPhone’s back then but the technology that is used in iPhone’s was their’s. We might have made many technological advances in the past couple of decades but the foundation for all of this was set by our ancestors, centuries ago. Ferrari run on theorems and laws of scientists hundreds of years old, yet the car itself belongs to this modern world.

If we are talking about ancestors from a couple decades ago, grandfathers and great grandfathers, then the main difference is technology such as iPhone’s, LED televisions, air conditioners, laptops. But if we are talking about ancestors from centuries ago, family lines we can’t even trace, then the entire way of living is different, everything from the type of clothes to the type of houses to the way of transportation.

Generations after generations, yet no two are the same. While our parents were more outdoorsy people, our generation likes to hibernate in their room on their laptops. It’s like; every generation has different priorities, aspirations for the future, way of living and family lives.

We might be extremely different from our ancestors but we owe them our success.

Written By: Rameen Sohail

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