There are various reasons for eating much and more……..some of them are social aspects or some of them mental signals………and some due to physical needs…………………

Social Aspects

My guess is that the symbolism of food itself plays a big part in the way in which individuals react to food. For some cultures food becomes a symbol of social cohesion, of sharing and caring, and for these people when they share food of their culture with their friends they are transported back to pleasant childhood memories.
For others living in an affluent society and where food is abundant, food becomes a fuel for the body and loses it nurturing symbolism. An active lifestyle, food fads (crazy ), body image and a whole host of factors may make people react to food either as a gastronomic (eating good food.) delight or merely as an energy source to sustain life. Even some people eat abnormally when they are in too much stress.

Mental Signals

Brain signals drive what, how, and when we eat. If you’re eating too much, here’s how to take back control. For decades, government officials, research scientists, and fitness pros blamed this on a lack of willpower.

Tasty + Fun = No Shut Off Switch

Now, what happens when you put these two things: hyper-palatability (tasty) and high reward (fun) together?

A dangerous combination!!!!!!!!!!!!

We want these foods, like these foods, and we’ll work hard to get them. When we do get them, we often don’t quit eating them. These types of foods have a winning combination for keeping us interested and eating.

Our rational, conscious brain thinks it’s in charge. “I eat what I want, when I want it. And I stop when I want to”. But we have a lot less control than that. Behind our decision-making processes are physiological forces we’re never even aware of. Deeper brain physiology drives what, when, and how much we eat — along with its co-pilots of hormones, fatty acids, amino acids, glucose, and body fat.

Physical Needs

Simply put, we eat for two reasons.

  • Homeostatic Eating
    We eat to get the energy our body needs, and to keep our biological system balanced.
  • Hedonic Eating
    We eat for pleasure, or to manage our emotions.

Hunger Hormone

We do know that ghrelin, the “hunger hormone”, stimulates our appetite. It peaks just before meals, and falls during and immediately after eating. Yet ghrelin is not the only factor in hunger or the decision to eat. For example, research shows that mice without ghrelin still eat regularly, just like the mice with ghrelin.

As you can imagine, it’s complicated. So, science still doesn’t have “the secret” to hunger and eating. (Yet.)

But we have to control at any cost easiest ways to eat less without noticing it….Use smaller plates, Serve yourself 20% less, Use taller glasses, Eat protein for breakfast, Eat three meals a day, Keep snacks out of sight or out of the building, Chew thoroughly, Don’t eat from the package, Don’t eat in front of the TV, Don’t pay attention to health claims……………………………………..

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