Wipe Out Terrorism By Auqs-e-mah Kiyani

Wipe Out Terrorism


What is Terrorism? Who spreads it? Why it spreads? These are not the center of this article but How to eradicate it is our crucial and important point to ponder. I will describe it in terms of what I think of this curse in my opinion.


What is Terrorism? I think of terrorism as a curse, a beetle eating the roots of the society and weakening the base on which this society or the country stands. Some say that Terrorism has no law but I say it has just one law, Violence.


Who spreads Terrorism? Some say Taliban’s are the terrorist, some say Indian agencies like RAW are behind this extremism, some say other enemy countries, like Afghanistan, USA, Russia etc., are behind all this Radicalism but I say none of the above applies in our society. Indeed these can be somehow the secondary reasons but primary reasons are none of these.


Why Terrorism spreads? This is one of the important question everyone should ask because when we know the problem only then we can exterminate it. Terrorism spreads due to lack of awareness and it fertile many problems in our society. Think of unawareness as a soil which can grow many type of trees. Among others one type of tree gives the seeds of violence and the result of which this curse grows. In my opinion Mind control also known as the Brain washing technique is the main fertilizer for this curse.

Unaware or illiterate parents put their children in Madrasa’s or training centers without knowing their purpose. I am not saying that all of the Madrasa’s promote the same agenda but black sheep is there in every herd. These centers are apparently a Madrasa or a school but deep inside have a mischievous agenda. So, speaking of their agenda, which is mainly violence, also named as Terrorism.

Think of an average age of a child when admitted to a school or a Madrasa, three years or three and a half yearsterrorism or to be on the safe side make it four years. The brain of a four years old is like clay, you can mold it the way you want. It is said that the environment is the best teacher besides the mother which shape the behavior of a child. This is the critical time when Brain washing is started. These innocent brains are fed with illogical and non-sense ways to earn reward or sawab and achieve Heaven or Jannat. These innocent souls are ready to do anything to achieve heaven after this continuous compulsion in their crucial years of learning.

These Brain washers or master minds can use these poor souls for any of their evil motive. Whatever the motive is, whether it is a political cause or their reclamations or requirements from the government or army, doesn’t matter, these mind controlled innocents are used to achieve it.


How to eradicate Terrorism? Apparently everybody debates about Terrorism whether in talk shows or in the political groups, even a common man discuss it that it should be stopped or something must be done but nobody gives the resolution to this problem, In my opinion there is only one solution to this problem that is through promoting Education.

If the regulatory authorities want to eradicate terrorism then one way to stop it is by keeping a check on every kind of schools, Madrasa’s or training centers, their syllabus or their activities and if any kind of suspicious activity is noticed then it should be observed secretly.

We always look towards the government or the regulatory authorities to solve our problem but they cannot do anything until and unless we help ourselves. There are some remote areas where awareness is almost nonexistent because education is not promoted in these areas and if one or two are educated they usually move out. The master mind’s always need locals to pursue their criminal agenda’s but if every educated person bring awareness or educate someone and this cycle continues then one day no one will be left in the darkness of unawareness and illiteracy.

“Allah Help those who help themselves”

So, stop looking towards authorities for help and start looking inside yourself and ask the question: How can I bring awareness? How can I bring change? How can I change myself to change others? Many would agree or disagree with my opinion so share your opinion with me in the comment box bellow. Stay Blessed.

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