WOMEN or MEN-Who is more complicated?

You may have come across this question at least once in your life that if woman are more complex or men are more complicated? It usually seems like that most responses depend on whom you ask. Most guys will say girls are more complicated while if you are going to ask girls, not all but most of them will tell you that guys are more complex. Let us take a deep plunge into whether male gender is better or the females are superior. Since the ancient times the woman were considered to be the lower caste. But now the recent empowerment and equality had put an end to this discrimination but still there are some exceptions.

Today woman are working shoulder to shoulder with men. Any field, you name it, you can find woman as equal counterpart of man. They are ambitious and ready to do whatever the field demands. But if we see this on a superficial level, even when we can see that woman are competing men and as successful as men we still can’t say that men and women are both equal. You can’t question a woman who is not walking but running with her men counterparts but when it comes to the manners of thinking, woman are complex but again there are exceptions and also you can’t take it as a last word because nowadays men are giving them a tough competition.

Women are psychologically more emotional than men. I don’t think I have to provide any proof to that. But as I mentioned earlier men are now no less. Now a days they literally tend to be more complicated and confused. Nor I am judging neither I am generalizing, but it is just an argument.

It is a proven fact that women are more emotionally emotional as compared to men. For example, what is just red to a man, it may be a rose or a velvet or something which is blossoming all the way from nowhere. So the way they handle their emotions is completely different from men. According to many, it is these emotions which make women more complex. But again it depends on how you define complexity.

Unlike that of a man, a woman’s world revolves around love, family and other softer aspects of life. Small things, which may go unnoticed by a man, give her happiness and with a string cling to it, these small things can turn her world upside down too. She may pretend she doesn’t care but deep down she is holding on but again there are exceptions. Men on the other hand are self-motivated and they know how to hide their emotions.

If I go further, women, thanks to their gender, are multitaskers. To a kid they are a mother, to parents a loving daughter, to brother an everlasting support, to husband a companion, a friend, a partner and to a boss a hardworking employee who is never ready to give in that easily. While in a conventional society the only responsibility a man has, is to earn the living.

Now with all that said, shall we still call them complicate? Well that is for the simple reason that men are far more logical and keep it straight. But it may kill all the fun part! Women may complicate things at times but they know very well what they are doing. So for the time being you have to sit and just listen what they want to say. At the end of the day you shall see the things coming together that is where women surprise us.

Since a woman do a lot for everyone so they always expect from others too. But sometimes these expectations are not met which ultimately hurts them. Sometimes they get too loving and easy going and the very next minute too stubborn to deal with. This makes them more complicated.

You never know what maybe important for a lady. Things which maybe trivial for a man, maybe of utmost importance to a women.  This constant search for perfection adds more to the complexity. The day you start to value her happiness for those little things, perhaps they may start to appear “uncomplicated”.

Fahad Farooq CEO Youth Times
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