Work shop on WordPress in HITEC University

WordPress Workshop HITEC

Workshop on WordPress in HITEC University

A workshop on WordPress was held by HITEC University Science Society, on Thursday, 12th March ,2015  with collaboration of SPEARAS and Youth Times. Media Club HITEC and Youth Times were the official media partners of this workshop. The workshop was headed by Khurram Mumtaz, a representative of SPEARAS and Haseeb Farooq WordPress Workshop HITEC University from Youth Times. Approximately 25 participants participated in this workshop.

The main aim and objective of the workshop was to clear the misconception, that coding must be learnt in order to create websites. The WordPress platform was used in order to teach the participants how they can create their own websites without any coding.

The workshop began with a brief introduction on how websites are made and what are the mechanism of the things working behind them. The participants were taught on how to create and register their websites domain. The participants were then taught the basic functions of WordPress and how to use them in designing their own website. Each participant was encouraged in designing their own website in order to build their confidence.

Throughout the workshop, the participants actively took part in the workshop and showed keen interest in designing their website. At the end of the workshop, one of the participants expressed his delight in the following words, “We always thought that making websites is a difficult task due to all the coding but we never thought that making websites without coding would be possible too. This workshop has cleared my mind from this misconception. Now I’m able to create my own websites without any issue”.

The participants admired the role of science society and showed an urge of such workshops to be held in university. These workshops not only help students to build their skills but also help them clear the misconceptions. Such workshops can attract more and more students in future if they are frequently held.

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