My Work Experience With Youth Times!

My Work Experience With Youth Times!

Youth Times serves as a platform for the young talent. It is a perfect place where you can polish your skills whether you are a writer, speaker, reporter or social media manager; this is the best place for you to begin with. It evokes the originality and creativity within every one of us. Also it encourages and promotes youth through interactive, intriguing and challenging activities. There are lots of other platforms out there which aspire for the same cause but Youth Times is a genuine and reliable place for anyone who has the willingness and aim to work.
I started working with Youth Times two months ago as a Writer and Sub-Editor. Since then, I have gone through different challenges. But the results were fruitful so I stick to it even when at times I really thought to quit and give up. Working with Youth Times was a whole new experience for me and I learnt a lot of new things from time management to tackle heavy tasks.
When I entered in here, I had just one super power with me that was my writing skills and a determination to do best. Over the course of time, my writings got mature and it got this decency which was missing previously. Along with that I had to proof read the articles which increased my reading skills as well as the error detection skills. I feel proud to be a part of this platform that has taught me so many other things and the most important one of them is patience. The ability to be patient and to stay calm when you are up to work no matter how much difficult and creepy the situation is, I learnt that it is going to get over sooner or later.
I also got the honor to be a judge at the story writing competition which was held in the last days of July. I tried my best to do justice to all the stories. It was an amazing experience to go through the different school of thoughts and getting to know about the potential of youth.


It is such a brilliant feeling to be at the top and help other people by giving your hand and pulling them up to the place where you are standing. I have always tried to do that and I always will. I personally believe that not all the people have this ability to write that can effect hearts but if you have it in you then don’t waste it because it is one of the blessings of God and you are suppose to use it in the right way.

In the end I would like to thank the CEO Fahad Farooq of Youth Times for his guidance and his faith in me that made it possible for me to come up to his expectations and to give the best out of me.

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Stay Blessed!

Farwa Syyed

Sub Editor Youth Times

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