Writing Competition Entry: ‘Azaadi’

The green and white flag with a star and a crescent hoisted on almost every building atop. People cheering and dancing because they never felt something like this; this freedom, this privilege to do what they wanted without the influence of anybody, this was something they have been yearning for long.

A newly born nation it is with the message of peace and love for everyone. A British colony; now a country, created upon the Islamic principles to provide equality and justice to all regardless of their caste and color. A piece of land  that has values laid on strong beliefs and norms to be the identity of the masses that fled here leaving behind their lands and wealth, they all came to this land to be free and prosperous, so people can live freely, act freely and practice what religion they want freely. A land where elders are respected and the younger ones are shown love and affection, where people are ready to help each other in any way possible because they have known misery for a long time and now want to start something new and happy. A land where even the air has a sweet scent of freedom and love is in the air. People settling in a new free environment a helping each other in any way they can. Every person working as a brink in a building standing firm and side by side for the fellow citizen of the state; everyone working as one body. Each and every person is filled with this zeal for their country and for this they could simply do anything to protect the country and not even a sinister look would be tolerated; even death fears them.  Everyone has this patriotic zeal making this country indispensable even over their lives.

But that all was around 68 years ago, all the love above seems like something non-existent. Now that same beautiful country is just not what it was meant to be.  It is almost like a battleground where people are abducted and killed like flies and the news of someone robbed or murdered is so common that we hardly give it some heat. It is a place of people who have corrupt high ups, miserable subjects and a crippled economy. A land which most of the young talent wants to leave and everyone who even gets his hand over even a penny takes it. Where poverty prevails and drought is upon us in many areas. Where the rich keeps getting richer and the poor working all the year still cannot get proper food or new clothes for his family on Eid day. Where we are divided by territories and political parties. It is a land where thousands graduate but jobs are only numbered. It has become a land where dying seems easy than living.

But regardless of all this we know we were not meant for this, we are meant for greatness. We have seen in hard times the whole nation comes together, we all still have an amber of hope burning inside us; we have some of the brightest minds regardless of resources we still somehow make through so we just need to channel our minds and resources into a direction in which we prosper and yes we can it is only a matter of time, what it takes is just a step in the right direction.

And as Quaid said:

“In Pakistan lies our deliverance, defence and honour.”

By: Umair Muhammad

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