Writing Competition Entry: ‘Life’

What is life????
it wasn’t the bygone, it isn’t what lies ahead, it’s the present he lived in. The past is what was accounted for, the future he was uncertain about. The present was what he had to live in, but how???? He often thought how, how he had to live , how he was expected to live in that one millisecond, that little crack. How he had to fulfill his craves?, the moments he longed for? , those expectations of someone else he was a part of? HOW????
His mind constantly looped around just one thought as he walked on that pavement and looked atop those trees, “how am i supposed to do this in just a little glitch?” as, all that present to him was a little glitch and nothing more because he always desired it to be something more than just a little moment.
That extremity in life was all he wondered about, was that life? Is that existence????
So naive his soul was that those complications made it more stained………….

By: Abdul Munim Tahir


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