WCE: ‘Love and Relationships of young people’

As we know that love is the name of different feelings which are attract for interpersonal affection. We also well knew about relationship as: relationship connect two or more people together.

I think sometimes Love is that Passion in every young which is occur suddenly and to need some below things

  • Sincerity
  • Offering
  • Understanding
  • Meet catenary
  • Sacrifice

After the Puberty start the life of real love because in childhood when child love with some things or parents if parents not fulfill their child requirements the love of child can be change in hate (1)but after puberty the cannot thought to leave their love. Because the age of young is the age of love.  in our society young do love but cannot get their love due to our society problems. Young wants to marriage by their own choice but their parents do not agree with him in his own choice and they arrange for their young arrange marriage.

If we see after the young people love there is many things involve. Some people direct compare love to their religion, some are with hate and some are with relationships. There is a success of love and fail of love. Successes of love of young are possible in our society after the strong struggle. But fail of  can be reason of suicide and death. Because love of young is the that interpersonal affection which is direct to belong heart and love is blind.

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In other hand relationships of young is that passion which comes from blood relations or after friendship and on the basis of sincerity. The relationship of young people is a strong feeling during for some period and can be forever. Some relationship are temporary some are for long time. When young meet to one another then after the introduction they build the relationships.

Relationship can be built with many people or young but love is not.  This is the great difference of relationship and love. Relationship creates the true friends which is helpful in every time in your life. The relationships can be complete many task and projects because the young relationships is the name of entrepreneurship of strong leadership and energy. Because we know that the young have more energy for doing some task.

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So we conclude that love is life and young relationship is the way to guide young and forever.

By: Ishtiaq Hussain

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  1. Ishtiaq Hussain
    August 13, 2015 at 11:49 am — Reply

    it is short but meaningful.

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