Writing Competition Entry: ‘Old Lies’

His eyes grew old with the lies he lived for all of his existence. As he sat on that rocking chair that sidereal day, the light shown on his wrinkled old face, he went over them again. One by one they echoed with enough pain to scar the whole globe. As he did he felt foggy, foggy of the times he lived. They felt almost as if it were a combined nightmare, each second of it screaming out blaming him for being. His existence almost becoming shaky as he asked himself, “Is this the life i should be proud of? Are these the lies I should continue to withhold within? Have i not hauled enough already?”. Had he!!!!!!!!
As that final juncture struck the only truth surfaced, Her Unfathomable Love. With those million dimensions of her love, those seconds she gave to him were the only cherished words. So many yet so little of them he had been able to absorb.
A last tear broke that dry path, It scorched within his tear duct and as it dropped out so did his soul. Cheerfully looking through those silver linings, He flew to her, HE FLEW TO HER!!!!!!!!


By: Abdul Munim Tahir

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