Writing Competition Entry: ‘Shattered Dreams’

Darkness was prevailing everywhere; the air was surrounded by the absurd thoughts as if something bad was going to happen. Aimen, for the third time, was planning to devise the ways to get escape from life; a life that has lost all the meanings, that has no hope left in it. And for Aimen, the easiest solution of her problems was to kill herself because she had got fed up with everything that was going around in her surroundings. Everything, other than her dreams, seems to her futile.

The tick-tick of the clock that could be easily heard in the silence of the night was making her more uncomfortable and the pain was increasing along with her sobs because the time was passing speedily and she knew that she had to decide before the sunrise that whether she will give up or choose the other way of life towards which the world was pushing her.

Aimen was a very sensitive as well as brave girl because she knew how to hide her sorrows and grieves from people but this time she knew that unlike the last two times, on the next day she won’t be able to carry the same smile on her face that she used to carry before people. She will be a totally changed person who has lost every reason to smile, to feel good and to live her lifebecause she knew that the whole world was selfish and no one will come to wipe her tears and for them her sadness meant nothing.Her family, her friends and all the people who were associated to her life, just wanted to lay their demands upon her and ignored her wants, dreams and desires.

All these things turned out many negative aspects in her personality, because when you are never given any chance say anything before your loved ones, you lose your confidence and that’s what happened with Aimen. She lost faith in herself; she had no guts to take a stand or even to raise her voice facing others as if she had run out of conversation.

This used to happen occasionally with her that whenever she was happy, something went wrong and all her happiness passed away with the tick of the clock. She started to realize that the world was very cruel and unkind to her and her happiness was temporary.And after this bitter realization, one could attribute the elements of silence, emptiness and loneliness with her character.

That’s what made her to find escape from the harshness of the world in her room and cry out to her heart’scontentment. Neither had she desired any word of sympathy nor anyone’s presence at that time. She cried the whole night, but her sobbing was not heard by the world rather remained concealed in that four walled room and it seemed as if these unshed tears were the collection of her life time.The sun was rising and with the glimpse of sunlight Aimen got to the resolution that she should stop dreaming but with this bitter thought, she also knew that ‘when you stop dreaming, you stop living you life.’

By: Maryam Jilani

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