Writing Competition Entry: ‘That Dip’

Head hurled down, perched on the tips of his toes, fingers inspecting gently the grass that sprouted. Just wondered to what kismet he had……
A man resides the life of a loin, he has his ecstatic moments and he has his despondent times but all through it he ROARS. He roars with a heart filled of such courage that even the lofty mountains would shake and stands strong, unshaken……
O but his life was only filled with astounding lows and dejected lows. Never had he wondered that those dips would affect his very soul, but one did. A dip that was merely but a freckle yet so cunning that it had his heart clamped. He ran from it but, as all dips go, he stumbled upon that one…….
He got up, straightened himself, cleaned those little dirt spots and sat. posed next to that little bump and as curiosity goes, he probed.
“Why? Why were you there? Why did i stumble cause of you? Why?”
But that dip was profoundly deaf, it was dumb, paralyzed, it just lay there. This was deranged to him, it was all but demented
By: Abdul Munim Tahir
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