Writing Competition Entry: ‘Writing the Nature’

She was a girl who was overly sensitive, who used to cry over everything no matter how minor it was but with passage of time she changed for good.She felt in the same way but now she got a control over her tears and emotions and whenever the limits of bearing were crossed she locked herself in and burst out into tears and let out all she had kept in for a long time.

Then came a stage when her feelings started to take a form of words, words directly from the soul. Every feeling was turned into colours on the paper in matter of seconds, but this halted .. all of a sudden.
This was because writing made her feel things very deeply. Depth which made her hallucinate, over think and as a result suffer more -something that wasn’t supposed to be that way.
She felt hollow,defeated,depressed,ignored and most agonizing … she felt nothingness. The girl who used to notice every little detail and felt everything to its core felt nothing at all, vain and helpless.
She even ignored nature – nature which she once adored and could die for a few minutes under the night sky, now for months she didn’t look at them. The smell of flowers, buzzing bees, the wet grass at dawn, all the beauty she once craved for was no more beautiful and full of colours or maybe it made her realize about the ugliness of life. She ignored every invitation of nature and continued to live as a hollow being.

She lost her worth and was unable to live with that fact, but one day out if nowhere the odds favored her, for the first time in forever. The same thing which made her feel down and worthless now made her feel alive.

She had lost all hopes, but nature gave signals, signals she waited for desperately once, her instincts encouraged her as well and Voila!!! She got what she ever wanted.

Things made sense once again, she was free to feel and write. She was in a state of unexplainable joy. After a long period she paid attention towards the sky, which was full of dark clouds. She was looking at them with sparkle in her eyes hoping that nature would forgive her for ignoring it , and it did. The sky poured down the waters over her as a token of forgiveness.
She felt alive once again. Once again her belief was strengthened that nature gives us signs …!!

By: Marva Sohail

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  1. Ammad
    August 15, 2015 at 2:11 am — Reply

    Beautifully expressed ?

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