Youth As Bird Of Paradise


Youth As Bird Of Paradise

I am a bird of paradise but I never seem to be flying in the realm of charisma. I know how to soar to euphoric height but I never open my wings to let the people know that I am the complimentary king bird of paradise. I have the primal voice to deafen the ears of ignorance but I mumble not to be audible. When I dress in turquoise, I auspiciously look to be dressed for power but I never try to be the beacon light. Though, I happen to be found on the summit of my ambitions but I always alight upon the hands that grasp me tightly. My acrobatics are likely so piquant that can drive anyone out of aspiration and incentivize them to dive in the sea of perspiration to achieve my caliber but I never seem to be taking any step for the fresh blood of society as I enjoy living in a burrow which has no windows for light. It is said that my shadow and touch bestow kingship but I have never exerted my own kingdom. My flawless beauty can obliterate any beauty in the universe but actually, it has obliterated my own sight of vision. Consequently, it bewitches me to be the bird of paradise that is thoroughly unclaimed and out of the box thinking for others but I cannot deem to be this bird as my comfort zone suppresses my nascent wings for my first flight. The indifference of self-confidence in me does not allow me to step in my stretch zone to view all the colors of the world from the top. Gracious me! How can I forget that I have fallen unconditionally for being so much dependent on my acquaintances?  It is not bad to laugh that even I cannot stand alone to speak out against my own rights. Come on! Wake up the birds of paradise (Youth):

It is the time to come out of the tunnel.
let’s travel from darkness to the light.

It is the time to convert the impossible to possible.
Let’s swim in the sea of diamonds.

It is the time to mingle with stars and throw a party on Mars.
Let’s find a place on the sun.

It is the time to live to fight another day.
Let’s put our shoulder to the wheel.

It is the time to have the world at our feet.
Let’s sow the seeds for success.

It is the time to know that time is thief.
Let’s begin the future here.

For my part, the bird of paradise has not come from paradise but it is named as the bird of paradise mainly because of magnificent qualities it possesses. Beyond the shadow of doubt, every “Youth” has all the qualities of bird of paradise only they are blindfolded which hinders them how to tackle with darkness in order to analyze their skills and expertise and above all how to let people know about their existence they have on this earth. Eventually, we (Hazara Youth) can become the bird of paradise who does not need the wings to fly to summit of success and the king who does not need the so called “The Royal Crown“ if we stop clinching the slumber and enjoying oblivion.

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