Youth Encouragement: Sadia Malik

“Whatever we plant today is what we’ll get tomorrow.”
You plant the seeds of a mango tree, let it nourish and grow. What do you get as a result? Grape vines? No, you get a mango plant.
This is the case with people too. When you give a child some proper lessons for being a mature adult he grows up to be one. Whatever you teach or do in front of children is what they’ll do when they grow up. This is why proper education is desperately needed for the future of our country. The course that is taught in school isn’t the only thing that needs to be prioritized. Children should be taught things aside from this. They need to learn how to use their capabilities, how to unleash their talents and most of all that they aren’t worthless.
A lot of children just live under the boundaries created by the society. They refuse to believe that they can ever be a part of the world outside. When they try to take their first steps and aren’t confident enough, they get criticized by the society and are forced to live in the limits and lead their lives same as the way others did.
But I refuse to believe in these limitations. I believe in crossing these boundaries and finding out my purpose of living. I believe in finding ways of doing the same ordinary things differently.
“What is the point of being alive when you at least don’t try to do something remarkable?” –John Green
I’d like to make my points clear to all the youth. You are who you believe to be. You are more than the labels you get by the society. You know more than you think you do. Don’t ever be afraid of doing something different; don’t ever be afraid of taking the first steps. Once you create a path others would follow it. stay encouraged.
We all have our weak points but try to be optimist. Instead of being upset about the things you can’t do, work hard on the ones you can and be proud of it. After all you are the future!


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yumna Iftikhar

yumna Iftikhar