Our Youth and the Lack of Choice

When it comes to choosing careers, most students completing their 12 formal years of education, are only aware of four to five career choices because high schools and colleges do not provide proper career counseling which results in either the students picking wrong fields or parents forcing a career upon their children.

Reason 1

Now, there are two types of parents; the parents who help their children in making choices based on their child’s own aptitude, attitude and abilities. The other type gives importance to the others’ opinions and thus wants their kid to either become a doctor or an engineer. Both these fields i.e. Medical Science and Engineering are no child’s play as they require hard work and determination. If this field doesn’t match the aptitude of students, it destroys not only student’s career but also their health.

Reason 2

Some students end up in the wrong field due to the lack of proper career counseling and remain unaware of the field that may suit them until it’s too late.  In most states around the world, high school seniors or students in the final years of high school are provided with advisers and counselors to help them guiding in deciding what they want to accomplish in their life, what career they should choose and which college or university will help them excel in their chosen field.

Reason 3

The other major problem faced by students from all over Pakistan is what in simple language is called the “scope” of subject. Since the very beginning, students have been taught to memorize their lessons and copy them word to word during examinations. This doesn’t encourage research work among students although one way to find the scope of any career-related course is through research.

Reason 4

Last but not the least, another problem our youth faces is the lack of variety universities have to offer when it comes to choosing majors. Rarely, institutions do offer a wide range of major subjects ranging from Bachelors in History to Bachelors in Hadeeth Sciences, but most reputed institutions offer only the most common major subjects i.e. Engineering, Management Sciences and Computer Sciences etc. which leaves those students who opted for pre-medical, who don’t wish to pursue a career in Medical Science but have no choice in the matter at all.

To sum it up, our students usually don’t get a choice when it comes to choosing a career, as their career is chosen for them by external factors. But shouldn’t the students be given the choice of what they want to accomplish in life? The need here is to create awareness, among students as well as parents and also the curriculum selectors of the country and the managing authorities of the universities about the number of courses they can offer other than doctors, engineers or business managements.

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  1. Laiba
    November 15, 2016 at 2:42 pm — Reply

    That’s the reason we messed up while choosing the way to go ahead in our lives

  2. Tayyaba
    November 15, 2016 at 3:35 pm — Reply

    ?? v.well said…

  3. November 17, 2016 at 4:41 pm — Reply

    Soo true!

  4. IQRA
    November 18, 2016 at 12:54 pm — Reply

    Soo raised a very important point..!!

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fahad farooq

fahad farooq