“Youth, society and opportunities” By: Muhammad Ismail Bhatti

Youth have a very critical role in a society. Young people are considered as the future of the society. Every society wants it’s youth to be provided with the best opportunities, so that they can work for the development and welfare of the society. And we see that, those societies which successfully provide their youth with such opportunities are dominating the world.

Here, the question that comes to mind is, are we providing our youth with such opportunities? Well, in a way, yes. According to the resources of our country, our youth somehow gets more opportunities as compared to other developing countries. The number of universities is continuously increasing; jobs are also increasing with the incoming foreign investment. And yet, there remains a problem. We are still not happy as a nation or as a generation. Our youth is still not satisfied. After all, every developing country has problems like corruption, mismanagement etc.

The problem is in the direction we are going. We are trying to provide our youth with job opportunities, and other things. These are also very important. But we are not providing the very basic and key opportunity to our youth, which is, “the opportunity to think in your own way”.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”
-Albert Einstein.

From the beginning, we’re told to become a doctor, or an engineer.  But this is not only the fault of our elders, this is also the fault of young people because we don’t bother to look around us, to see what is happening in the world. There are many things which are probably made for us but we don’t know about them because we don’t explore the world. We can’t even imagine how big the world is.

The thing we can do is to keep exploring until we find our way. And the society must also help the young generation in finding the way they want to go. We should create an education system which should teach us how to think instead of what to think, and this is a very good way to create a balance between youth and society.

And even if we don’t get the opportunity, we should then stop looking for other opportunities and we should start creating opportunities, which can be done through innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity etc. And our youth needs more of these things as well. As we know, creativity and innovation are the things that are totally ignored in our education system as well as in our society. Youth should be empowered to think beyond all boundaries, and to make their ideas reality. This is the only way to become a leading nation in the world, because new ideas of young people have the potential to create the future, that’s why they are the future.

– Muhammad Ismail Bhatti.

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