“What youth think about Corruption in Pakistan” By: Nazneen Sarwar:


“What youth think about Corruption in Pakistan”Corruption

  1. A large number of difficulties and problems are being faced by Pakistan such as overpopulation, corruption, poverty, terrorism, illiteracy. Energy crises etc.
  2. Over population, the most dangerous of all the problems. Immediate steps must be taken to stop the dangerous rate of increase in population,
  3. A great loss of lives and properties. The government and the people must take effective steps, The services of army should also be utilized.
  4. Corruption, the cause of moral, social and economical loss to the country.


This is the age of crisis. Every country has its own dilemma and every country is trying her best to overcome those troubles as soon as possible. Occasionally the help of friendly countries and that of the UNO is also required. Pakistan was come into existence with several problems. These early troubles were resolved very soon but later on a series of problems took birth. Many Governments came and went. None of them could solve these problems rather their number has increased all the more. Some of them are discussed underneath.

Over population is the mainly severe problem of this country:

Over population is the mainly severe problem of this country. Most of the other problems are also the outcome of this problem. In the global birth rate ranking, Pakistan is included in the uppermost countries and its population has reached the alarming figure if 200 million. It is a misfortune that the government and the masses are paying no attention to the seriousness of this problem. This illegal abandon has resulted in very terrible consequences. Life of the masses of this country is fitting more and more troublesome. Immediate steps to check this speedy human escalation and to increase the produce of the country are needed.


Terrorism is another serious difficulty which has disturbs the whole structure of our country. Thousands of innocent peoples have been put to demise by the terrorists. Government has utterly failed to overcome these terrorists. In near past no punishment is given to the arrested ones, but now there is little hope. The police are not capable to control the situation. It the need of the time that strict policy may be devised in this connection and the army must also be brought to hush up this cruel and fatal activity

Corruption is also one of the most dreadful problems of our country. It is caused by selfishness, lust of the wealth and lack of patriotism .It is a huge crime that almost every one of us is busy in looting the country. Government should get instant steps to stop all this. Through education, the people should be convinced to abandon this mal practice. Instead of moving the masses to clash with one another the religious leaders must turn to the noble task of advising the people to prevent corruption, in global literacy ranking 2012 our country was at 113 out of 120countries. This is a shocking condition for a leading Islamic country. We must straight away increase budget allocation for this purpose as illiteracy is a great obstacle in the way of progress and prosperity.

Untruthful or fraudulent conduct:

Corruption just means untruthful or fraudulent conduct by those who are in authority or part of it. Corruption is the evil which guide to the economic social and moral troubles of a country. The man is greedy in nature so that’s why he desire more and more and  for achieving his desire, sometime he chooses the path which is against his moral standards we have so many instances of corrupt people in the world. Corruption is the mother of all evils.

Corruption has done a terrible situation in the country. There are various forms of corruption such as bribery, nepotism which is falsely penetrated in our social system. There are many types of corruption like Systematic corruption, Political corruption, Judiciary corruption, Organizational corruption, Social corruption and many others. In Pakistan all these types of corruption have been accessible.

Corruption has turn into very widespread object in our political and social culture. All the significant individuals of the society like Government and private employees are supposed to be or merely involved in it. The rising level of corruption has given many problems like depression ad sense of insecurity. Every department is involved in corruption. Due to corruption common people are deprived of their basic rights.  Corruption can only be eradicated if there are honest people on senior government seats.


These days Pakistan is in horrible situation as there is too much corruption in Pakistan. Every section is corrupt and not performing their responsibility with honesty. Due to this evil of corruption people cannot obtain their origin rights. The funds and money that should be spend to provide facilities to the people, they are gone in corruption. The development projects are incomplete due to corruption.


Worst effects:

Corruption has many worst effects on the lives of common people. There are many effects of corruption. Corruption give birth to many evils in the society and causing many problems to the country and the citizens of the county some of them are listed like It leads to unemployment, It creates environment of injustice, It increases the crime rates, It adds to the illiteracy rate, It give origin to many social evils, It reduces the economic developments and many other awful effects on the economy of Pakistan.

Lag behind other nations:

We are lag behind other nations due to corruption in our country. Many problems are closely related to corruption. We can make progress extremely speedily if everyone does his vocation with honesty. Different offenses grow due to corruption in police department because police is not performing its role efficiently.

Eradicate corruption:

We have to sincerely think that how to eradicate corruption. Corruption can only be eradicated from a society if the people of the country take a stand against it for that they have to support judicial system and judiciary without any business give the judgment of those cases in which someone is found guilty of doing corruption.

Every dishonest person should be put behind the bars. We should eradicate the root cause of corruption. We cannot eradicate corruption unless there is not proper check and control on corruption it will continue to take place at every level. We should deal with this evil very seriously only then corruption can be diminished from our society.

Major cause of corruption:

Actually major cause of corruption is the absence of culture of accountability incompetent judiciary highly centralized economic system absence of rule of law punctuated constitutional supremacy.

Socio-economic causes high inflation and food prices meager salaries of government servants class conflict due to capitalism evasion of ethical and religious values such as favoritism feudalism playing major contribution this pleasing to the eye evil, Pragmatic way to curb corruption emancipating accountability need for ethical counseling through education ensuring meritocracy, enhancing transparency increase in salaries of government servants implementing law in its true letter and spirit.

One thing have to be given priority that it is not the severity of penalty but the belief of penalty that matters.

Corruption is a method and a technique:

Corruption is a method and a technique adopted just to bypass the rule of law and overcome the whole system into socio-economic turmoil. It is a recognized reality that the cruelty proves its influence as the rule of law is abrogated. Banking scams (tricks), industrialist’s monopoly to create baseless crises, bypassing the constitutional supremacy, lavish living styles of the ruling class, foreign tours under the head of national exchequer, general apathy, neglect, carelessness and an attitude of indifference towards national issues are all the outcomes of corruption which is root cause of all evils in the motherland, all these are called legalized corruption.

The poor are sidelined, the rich are bestowed, the needy are ignored and the prosperous are delivered. However, the storyline does not finish here. The socio economic condition is much more doubtful and gloomy than as probable.

Lack of accountability:

Lack of accountability is an outcome of preferential treatment and favoritism. How can a corrupt person be seized answerable by a corrupt authority? All in all the entire unfortunate system is flat to the monster of corruption. In such miserable state of affairs, the query of accountability does not arise. Only rewarding and emotionally exciting speeches and assurances can not at all come up to the expectations of the masses. Rule of law is the only preference that can pave method for accountability.

Crippled and decreasing economy:

Moreover, the crippled and decreasing economy and ever-rising levels of inflation are the main basis of corruption. The more the flourishing a country, the more the rule of law are followed. But it is fairly unfortunate to mention that Pakistan is a country rated in the third world where neither the rule of law prevails nor the economic system is strengthened. The per capita income is significantly low that cause to be the lower division of society more prone towards corruption.

In much the parallel way, extremely centralized economy, breeds differences between the poor and the rich. The increasing influence of the privileged class always uses the influential authority to snub the poor people. In such a gloomy situation, the victims and the upper both use their influence at their maximum degree to have maximum gain from the opportunity. Therefore the capitalism is in the forefront in bringing and paving ways for corruption.

Corruption evolves as an effect of avoidance of ethical and spiritual norms. Religion always asks the believers to have a concrete struggle in bringing a moderate society. It agrees in favor of decentralized economy. Regulation of wealth according to rule of law is the motto of Islam.

Given the miserable state of affairs, as is evident from all the above-explained short story, there is a strict need of implementing religious and ethical values, if the nation wants to get out of the clutches of huge like corruption. The religious counseling must be given at all levels so that ethics and values have a strong hold on the characters and actions of the people. Educational reforms based on morality must be given place in the social system.

Harmful evils:

Harmful evils such like nepotism, favoritism should be eradicated by clean up and promotion a culture of accountability based on trickledown effect that runs from top to bottom. Independence of judiciary and rule of law can only bring in meritocracy so that talented and high caliber people must be employed at the higher posts.

Realistic solution:

Another realistic solution is that the fresh bloods have to be inducted on merit and increase the salaries of the existing government servants. Financial satisfaction to all and sundry can bring in a positive change in the society. It forces the workers to follow the principles of morality and honesty.

Furthermore, the youth thing that the laws have to be made strict and their execution must be guaranteed. Unfortunately, Pakistan is a land of laws which are never implemented. One thing must be given preference that it is not the severity of punishment but the certainty of punishment that matters. Such practices put the things in order and in right directions. Therefore, strict implementation of laws is the only way forward. China after the empowerment of communist party, paved this way for a cause

of change. Corruption is social curse that must be ditched. The lawmakers in the parliament have to get strict efforts and evolve practicable strategies to eradicate the mushrooming menace. Rule of law, supremacy of the constitution and independence of judiciary and off course a free and vibrant media being the fourth pillar of the state, must be implemented in true letter and spirit. The accused must be given a cold fist. Time is mature that strong measures be taken to get rid of this tsunami of corruption that undoubtedly has torn and destructed our very social and economic structure. Enough of laziness and negligence, the need of the hour is to join hands on all fronts by all members and areas of society to ouster this curse. If Pakistan wants to run in the race of socio economic development, evils like corruption do not fit in the scenario.
In the same way many other issues, such as shortage of food, energy crises, housing facilities, transportation etc. are pending our prior concentrations. Government and the masses have to pay attention to them without extra loss of time. Without solving, these problems in a good manner, the destination of prosperity cannot be achieved.

Power tends to corrupt and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely.

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